1st Networking Day-Thessaloniki, June 2019

The first  Networking Day took place in Thessaloniki on the 13th of June 2019. OMIC-Engine's members presented their available services that can be offered to the Greek Agro-Food sector and discussed about the necessity and ways for transferring academic research and knowledge to relevant businesses.

Presentations (in Greek)

Professor K. Mathiopoulos (OMIC-Engine, Greek Research Infrastructure on Synthetic Biology)

Professor M. Grigoriou (NGS application and its use in Agro-food through OMIC-Engine)

Professor H.Stamatis (Development of biocatalytic tools for the utilization of side-products)

Assistant Professor AM Psarra (Confocal Microscopy and its use in Agro-Food through OMIC-Engine)

Assistant Professor V. Gkikas (Metabolomic Analysis in Agrifood: Presentation upon request)

Associate Professor I. Kourkoutas (Microbial wine Terroir)

Associate Professor K.Papadopoulou (Plants as bioreactors)



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