Knowledge transfer and support of innovators in the agro-food and biomedicine sectors is one of the pillars of Omic-Engine.

Omic-Engine is a vehicle for the development of innovative products, consulting and diagnostics services to enable sustainable development with low environmental footprint in the context of circular economy. 



Biology-by-design will yield transformative microbial systems and poweful biocatalysts to produce added-value bio-compounds for use in primary production, bioremediation, biofilters, biosensors, food processing and packaging, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and delivery systems. 



In vitro assays, engineered molecular and biochemical pathways, and high-throughput approaches are the core of high resolution diagnostics to monitor and guarantee quality of all stages of development, validation and production, and the environment.



In silico tools and powerful diagnostics are combined in advanced consulting to manage natural resources and to support the development of novel products, processes and strategies along value chains in a safe, efficient and sustainable manner.